Jason Cates
Jason Cates grew up in the Atlanta, Georgia area, then recieved his bachelor's degree from Georgia State University in 1992. During this time he began working as a saxophonist and woodwind doubler in the Atlanta area. It is also during this time that he began learning band instrument repair.

After moving to Chicago, Jason earned his master's degree in saxophone from De Paul University in 1995. He then resumed freelancing as a saxophonist, along with his band instrument repair career in the Chicago area. He has worked doing instrument repair in the Chicago area since 1995 and began repairing at PM Woodwind in 2003.

PM Woodwind Repair Technicians & Staff:
Jason Cates
Matt Bordoshuk
Victoria Dolfin
Eli Wilson
Doug Abram
Thom Caminito
Tom Peterson
Dell Knickerbocker
Ron Dulin

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