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Lyon & Healy Semi-Curved Soprano #15887

This is a relacquered Lyon & Healy Semi-Curved soprano. It has a rich, vibrant sound and a solid center, not too spread.

Lacquer is in good condition with a fair amount of normal wear throughout. Most of the lacquer wear is evident on the neck and keys. There are also some visible scratches below the palm keys on the body. There are no major dents and some soldering. The bow section has had some dent work. The neck also appears to have been worked on at some time. It has a small patch near the back of the octave key. A few guard posts have been resoldered and the neck joint was resoldered. The high B pad cup has had some minor repair. Also, adjustment screws were added on the top stack. These can be easily removed to keep the sax totally original. This sax has had a few bumps and bruises but still plays fantastic and is in very good condition. Pads have plastic resonators and are in decent condition. This sax will need a repad in the near future.

These Lyon & Healy Semi-Curved sopranos are extremely rare. They were made by Martin and are extremely hard to find. This is one of the few I have seen. Since it is relacquered and has a few repairs, it is a fantastic buy and is priced accordingly.

This is a great blowing Semi-Curved soprano in good condition. Truly a rare find. Sax comes in original Lyon & Healy case.

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- serial: 15887
- year: 1927
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