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Lyon & Healy Saxoslide Soprano #LP26

This is a factory silver-plated Lyon & Healy Saxoslide soprano. It has a very unique sound, resonant, vibrant, and not too spread.

The silver plating is in very good condition with normal wear throughout. Other than some wear on the octave keys, the plating looks great. There are no major dents, except for a small ding here and there, and very little soldering. The curve at the top has had some dents removed. The top octave guide post and octave pip have been resoldered. Also, the longest octave key was repaired. All in all, this sax is in wonderful condition.

I have seen a few slide saxophones over the years. All are different. They are all extremely rare and were usually hand made. This one is more like a trombone. It does play all the notes like a trombone player uses his slide. It has two octave keys and no tone holes. Quite a unique instrument.

This is a unique blowing Lyon & Healy Saxolide soprano in very good condition. Truly an extremely rare find. Sax comes in Walt Johnson case.

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