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Conn F Mezzo #213657

This is a beautiful vintage Conn F Mezzo. It was made by Conn in 1928 and is a rare and collectible saxophone.

Lacquer is in very good condition with normal wear throughout. I am not completely sure about the lacquer on this sax. Many of these older instruments were originally unlacquered and then lacquered a little later. This may be true on this sax. There is a small lacquer run on the bell. However, the lacquer color is correct and looks original. The pads are original Conn Reso pads with no resonators from this time period. A few have been changed and sax plays well. There are no major dents and no soldering. Sax has nail file G# key. Sax also has original neck and comes with a Babbit reproduction F mezzo mouthpiece.

This is a great, vintage Conn F Mezzo in great condition. Sax comes in original case.

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- serial: 213657
- year: 1928
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