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Selmer Paris Series II Jubilee Edition Low A Bari

Selmer Paris Low A Bari Saxophone Model 55AFJM, Series II Jubilee Edition, Matte.

Selmer Super Action 80 Series II saxophones are the most popular saxophones in the world. Known for their centered tone and solid intonation, Super Action 80s sound at home in any ensemble. Their resonance and flexibility are backed up by extremely fine craftsmanship. Decades of experience and unrivaled technical knowhow have allowed Selmer to create some of the finest saxophones ever made. As a player, this means fast, even response around the horn, and the durability you need to perform in any situation. Equally admired by jazz and classical saxophonists, the Super Action 80 is the clear choice for professionals and serious students.


List Price..........$20,278.00
Our Price..........$14,529.00

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